Rules & Guidelines
General Rules
  • Only registered users may rent to each other on Ezly Rent.
  • Registration is free.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated and follow through with what you agree you will do.
  • Both Lenders and Renters must provide honest and accurate information..
  • All transactions and communications should always be kept within the Ezly Rent Platform to protect against fraud, unauthorized transactions (such as money laundering), claims or other liabilities.
  • Ezly Rent isn’t a place to sell drugs or alcohol.
  • Items that can cause harm, such as firearms, fireworks, or items that have been widely recalled are strictly prohibited.
  • Ezly Rent prohibits acts of violence, verbal or written suggestions of violence, and any attempt to intimidate, harass, or otherwise violate the safety and wellbeing of others.
  • Ezly Rent will remove any user who impersonates another person or entity, sends unsolicited messages to potential buyers, or sends misleading, fake, or malicious communication.
  • Lenders have the right to either Approve or Decline any request sent to them through the Platform.
  • By offering to lend an item you agree and warrant that you: are accurately and fairly representing the items, that you are listing in the Ezly Rent Marketplace.
  • Any false or misleading advertisement can lead to a fee, suspension, or termination.
  • If an order isn't accepted by a Lender within 72 hours of payment. The order will automatically be rejected and a full refund will be sent back to the Renter.
  • To receive a payout from a booking, the order status of the item needs to say Completed.
  • To get a Completed status. The lender will have to go through the process of changing the status of the order by selecting the accepted, delivered, and return button. Once returned, the status of the order will automatically change to Completed.
  • Lenders will not be able to change the status to Completed or select the Return button until it has been over 72 hours from the date of purchase.
  • As a Renter, requesting to rent an item through our Platform, you are responsible for having sufficient funds available to replace the item should you lose or damage the item.
  • If a Renter breaks, loses, or causes a major damage that will prevent the item from being rented again, Ezly Rent has the right to charge the Renter 75% or up to $500 of the Estimated Value of the item after doing an internal investigation.
Premier Lenders
  • To become a Premium Lender you will need to apply to our premium service, which will be a monthly subscription fee to receive Ezly Rent’s exclusive tools and services.
  • This may include priority tech support, customize report, featured items on homepage, a lower commission rate, access to multiple delivery options/services, and access to our database.
  • To apply, please click on this link to apply (Premium Lender Application).
Returned Date
  • The default Return Date will always be, at 12pm (Noon) the day after the scheduled end date. Unless, both parties agreed in writing on a later or earlier day & time.
  • Any cancellation from either party within 48 hours prior to the booking date after the acceptance, may lead to a cancellation fee. With partial given to the party affected.
  • Always communicate with Lenders before booking an item
  • Try to book your item at least 72 hours before your event.
  • Understand that picking up or returning an item may not be indicated in the booking calendar. So please confirm with the Lender if your item will be available.
  • Renters should always double-check and ask the Lender any questions before leaving with the rented item.
  • Don’t forget to use and sign the Drop-off Agreement Form and the Pickup Agreement Form before renting or return the said item.

For more information please look at our Terms of Services