General Questions
How much does it cost to join Ezly Rent?

Ezly Rent is absolutely FREE! Our platform is offered at no cost to all users.

What is a Renter on Ezly Rent?

A Renter is someone who seeks to book and rent items listed on our marketplace for their events.

What is a Lender on Ezly Rent?

A Lender is an individual or entity that lists their items on our marketplace for others to rent.

What is a Premium Lender?

A Premium Lender is a business or established entity looking to maximize their revenue through Ezly Rent. Premium Lenders access tools like priority tech support, featured homepage items, zero commission rates, customizable reports, and multiple delivery options.

What is the Ezly Rent marketplace?

Our marketplace hosts a wide range of items available for rent, providing a one-stop solution for all your event needs.

What is the standard return date for rented items?

The default return time is 12.00 p.m. (noon) the day after the booking end date, unless both parties agree otherwise in writing.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Cancellation within 48 hours before the scheduled date, post-acceptance, may incur a cancellation fee.

Delivery Options
What does "Pickup" mean as a delivery option?

"Pickup/Meetup" means the item can be collected from the Lender's address or an agreed location.

What does "Owner Delivery" refer to?

"Owner Delivery" signifies that the Lender will deliver the item, along with their set delivery fee.

What does "Third Party Delivery By Roadie" mean?

"Third Party Delivery By Roadie" indicates that Roadie, our delivery partner, will handle delivery and pickup on the Lender's behalf.

About Roadie
What is Roadie?

Roadie, a UPS Company, is a platform for same-day and next-day delivery using a network of over 200,000 drivers across the U.S. They offer extensive local coverage for hassle-free shipping.

For Renters
What happens when a Renter requests an item?

Upon a Renter's request, the Lender has 72 hours to accept or reject it. After 72 hours, the system assumes the item is unavailable and declines the offer.

What happens if a Lender accepts a request?

After a Lender accepts, we'll hold the payment and release it to the Lender 48 hours after the scheduled end date.

Can Renters communicate with Lenders?

Yes, communication between users is encouraged for inquiries and clarifications.

What if a Renter damages an item?

In case of major damage or loss, Ezly Rent may charge the Renter up to 75% or $500 of the item's value after investigation.

What if an item doesn't meet the Renter's expectations?

If an item disappoints upon delivery, Ezly Rent can fully refund the Renter after an internal review.

What if the Renter doesn't receive the item?

Should a Renter not receive the item, we'll fully refund them after an internal investigation.

For Lenders
What can Lenders post on Ezly Rent?

Lenders can list any suitable item for various events, adhering to our rules and guidelines.

Can Lenders reject offers?

Yes, Lenders can reject offers, and all payments, including damage waiver fees, will be refunded to the Renter.

For Premium Lenders
How can I become a Premium Lender?

To become a Premium Lender and access enhanced services, apply through our Premium Lender Application.

Ezly Rent’s Rental Coverage

Our Terms of Service state that the Renter is responsible for reimbursing you (the Lender) for any damage or loss. However, if for some reason you are unable to recover this reimbursement, Ezly Rent will personally reimburse you for any unrecoverable damages up to the full replacement value of your item, not exceeding $3,000.

To be eligible you(the Lender) must be able to complete the following:

  • You are a Lender or a Premium Lender on Ezly Rent for more than 90 days.
  • Your item has been posted on the Marketplace for over 60 days
  • You submitted a Loss Claim Form to [email protected] within 48 hours after the end of the applicable rental period.
  • You can provide a copy of a police report if your item was stolen or never returned by the Renter.
  • You are able to show the condition of your item prior to rental and its condition after rental for us to determine the exact nature of the damages.
  • You are able to locate the proof of purchase for your item.

Ezly Rent Rental Coverage will reimburse up to $500 per item for a Lender and up to $3000 per item for a Premium Lender. For more information, please read the Terms & Conditions.

Damage Waiver
What is a damage waiver Fee?

In order to provide a worry-free experience, Ezly Rent offers a damage waiver fee of 7.5% on all rental items. This is non-refundable and cannot be waived since it is automatically calculated in the overall cost. The damage waiver covers users from minor incidents from unforeseen and accidental damages to rental items. Users are still responsible for any missing items and major damages. The damage waiver DOES NOT cover any loss due to theft or customer negligence for the rental items. Please follow our guidelines for more details (Reference Link).